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The collapse of the Soviet Union was also very painful for Ukraine; One indicator sums up their immense suffer the Ukrainian population went from 52 million at the time of the collapse of the USSR in 1991 to 43 million today. Today, Ukraine is once again a victim. Russia may have a legitimate security concern with NATO. But is there any law on earth that denies Ukraine and Ukrainians their legitimate right to security, dignity and independence?The “original sins” of the war in Ukraine vicken cheterian.

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Ukraine International relations will never be the same again. While the Russian military is target the entire territory of Ukraine, its political objective remains unclear. <p>The “original sins” of the war in Ecuador Phone Number List Ukraine What is the political goal of the Russian invasion of Ukraine? The lengthy military preparations and the magnitude of the operations make it clear that Russia’s objectives are not limit to the two “breakaway republics” of Donetsk and Lugansk. To understand what Russia intends to achieve with this invasion, one must go back to Putin’s speech on February 21 , in which he deni Ukraine’s right to state sovereignty.

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Vladimir Putin’s great Russia chauvinism is

Evident in his “historical reconstruction.”  history at Sciences Po, rightly not the proximity of his approach to that of Alexander Solzhenitsyn. In 1990, Solzhenitsyn wrote How to Reorganize Russia.. «In this book, Russia is Ukraine, the western part of Kazakhstan, which is rather Russophone, Belarus and Russia. Everyth else is not really the heart of the Russian nation,” she explain. Putin is close to Solzhenitsyn in this regard. The purpose of the invasion is B2C Lead therefore to br about regime change through a military invasion and br Ukraine under Russian rule. International relations will never be the same again.

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