Use Open Amp Forms to Increase

There are three ways to add AMP forms to emails. Way 1. By building open AMP Use Open Amp Forms to Increase Forms from scratch with our AMP Form Drag-n-Drop block Users will be able to share their valuable feedback directly in emails. For details on how to do it, please refer to our “Build AMP Forms for Emails” blog post or watch our short video.

How to Easily Build AMP Forms for Emails:

your response rate ive it a try Please be advised that you will be able to see users’ responses in your Stripo account, the Data Service section, or in your custom UAE WhatsApp Number Data Data Storage. You may collect responses in both places if you like. Way 2. By building AMP Forms with ratings with the help of templates AMP Email. Template with Survey To let users rate you in emails, you need to open this template in your. Stripo account reate a new Data Service as. Shown here and copy its URL pen the form’s code by clicking the AMP HTML icon in the template;

Replacing Links in Survey Email:

Whatsapp Number list

if you want to see the name and email address of the respondent, please embed the code given below between the </label> and <br> lines in the form code in the survey template. <input type=”hidden” name=”email” hidden value=”%EMAIL|%”> Copy Code Survey Email with Open Forms _ Embedding Code Samples Way 3. By using prebuilt AMP survey modules You let users rate and comment on your services directly in the email. We’ve prepared 10 modules to help you easily collect NPS customer feedback.

AMP Modules to Collect NPS:

Their design and content differ. But each of them has a manual where we explain how  B2C Lead  to use it. To collect NPS with the help of these modules, you need to: go to the “Modules” section; in the “Pre-built” tab, click on the. Filter icon to view the NPS AMP Modules; Selecting Modules with. Net Promoter Score in Stripo choose the one you. Like and pull it into your template customize the module according to. Your tastes and needs create a new Data Service (endpoint) to connect it to your email for storing users’ survey responses;

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