Google forms are easy to work with

Selecting Modules with Net Promoter Score in Stripo choose the one you like and pull it into your template; customize the module according to your tastes and needs; create a new Data Service (endpoint) to connect it to your email for storing users’ survey responses;

Survey Invitation Emails :

replace the value given in the “Quotation marks” with the Email Address merge tags provided by your ESP. If you do this, you will know who exactly rated UK WhatsApp Number Data you and shared customer feedback in the email; Survey Invitation Emails _ Replacing Value to See Email Addresses remove the “User Manual Guide” part from the module before you send out the email to users; Removing the Use Manual Guide from the Template to check users’ responses, download the CSV file in the Data Service tab in your Stripo account. Survey Invitation Emails _ Checking Users Responses

Email clients that support these forms:

Whatsapp Number list

AMP forms work in Gmail and Yahoo on desktop and mobile devices. will support these forms soon too. Important to note: As of this June, you may collect users’ responses in your Stripo account, or transmit them to Zapier, or even Google Spreadsheet. In this post, we show in detail how to activate Stripo Data Storage or connect your AMP forms to your Google Drive. You might also like Stripo Data Service, or How to Build AMP Forms Easier MP Forms_Stripo_Featured Image_Blog

Survey email with Google forms:

Google already has free templates that you can   B2C Lead  customize and use. Apply your  B2C Lead  fonts, add images to the questions, or change the header background. Google even allows inserting videos into the survey. You can add as many questions as you want. Once you have created the survey form, export the email to your ESP. Google forms are free of charge.

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