They are waiting to see the brand’s quality

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Customer life cycle stage 1: inspection period Customers who are not familiar with the corporate brand or have just start. to  They are waiting  contact them belong to the first phase of the customer life cycle. service. price. etc. At this stage. what the company ne.s most is to establish trust and freshness. so that Customers are willing to spend and leave customer information for follow-up tracking of customer preferences and remarketing. and the brand image is implant. in the memory of new customers.

Customer Life Cycle Stage Formation After

Customers have us. brand products. whether they browse the web again. open EDM. etc.. all actions will become Pakistan WhatsApp Number List  behavioral data. Through analysis and comparison. the  They are waiting  products or messages that customers are most interest. in will be provid. to improve customers’ favorability towards the brand. . and then continue to pay attention to the brand website. or promote re-consumption and other behaviors.

Stage 3 of the customer life cycle Stable

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Period Customers who have never purchas. a new customer. become a first-time customer. and then become an active customer are the stable customers that companies ne. to grasp most. At this  Portugal WhatsApp Number List time. the most suitable business method is to design contact points at the best time to induce customers to return multiple times. Repurchase. such as birthday discounts. brand membership days. and the establishment of level and point systems.

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