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Using these activities to create a sense of uniqueness and interaction for customers are all marketing strategies that consumers  phase regain  in the third stage of the customer life cycle ne. most. Prolonging the stable period of customers can bring maximum benefits to the enterprise. Stage  phase regain  4 of the customer life cycle: Sleeping period When brand products or activities no longer have a sense of freshness. customers who have continu. to consume will enter a dormant period. also known as sleeping customers.

At this time customers will no longer consume

or have expectations for the brand. so at this time. it is necessary to serve this group of customers Only by creating demand and meeting their expectations for the future can customers in the regression  Panama WhatsApp Number List brand and become regular customers of the company again. (Extend. reading: 5 steps to wake up lost customers! In-depth management of brand customer relations ) How to attract customers to spend? Three stages of customer relationship management The status of all customers changes dynamically. and the proportion and activity level of new and old customers will also change with the brand’s sales strategy.

However whether it is a new brand or an old

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company. it ne.s to attract new customers and turn them into regular customers year by year. Increase corporate revenue. At this time. we ne. to understand the three stages of customer relationship  Qatar WhatsApp Number List management. so that customers can become familiar with the corporate brand from unfamiliarity. and enhance customer loyalty to the brand. Customer Relationship Management 1: Attracting Potential Customers Potential customers are a large group of people who may be interest. in brand products.

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