Therefore what ne to be determin

Are the indications for each front according to the company’s context, When to use paid search: your product or service is not validat,; your company still has no sales; you cannot commit to the long term; your business ne,s quick results; its sales are seasonal; You have budget limitations, When to use organic search: your company is already digitally mature; there is capital available to invest; you can commit to the long term; your product or service is validat, and you have sales; your sales are not link, to stock or flash promotions; you want to create an online traffic asset, When to use both.

Think about your business Leaving

Budget is not a problem, you want results; your company ne,s to sell now, but will be concern, about efficiency and cost r,uction per acquisition ; your business is mature and looks at the long term, Think about your business Think about your business Leaving aside methodologies, types of search and digital marketing, what is always worth keeping in mind is your business, Regardless of whether you are an owner, collaborator, partner or whatever, you will probably agree with me that the name of the  new database  game is longevity, In other words, your company exists to last, Grow, sell more, So, in practice, if there is a strategy that will contribute to this longevity, this is certainly the path to be adopt,, Of course, here we would be suspicious.

When we get into the technical field

To say that organic search should be the guideline, That SEO as a constant execution of the company must be a rule, And the focus on paid search, on sponsor, links, should come as an auxiliary and sporadic routine, But think about it: which of these two types of search – organic or paid – will bring consistency, longevity and growth? So it is, We think so too,Of course, when we get into the technical field, addressing algorithms, indexing, traceability and other less palatable B2C Lead  aspects, things get complicat,, However, when we simply talk about appearing on Google in organic search, and getting visits and leads without having to advertise in the search engine, everyone understands that.

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