The usually defined group of lost customers

March 24, 2024 0 Comments

For example: customers who have not shopp again after 6 months, definition in order to lose customers, our goal is to stimulate For example customers to shop again. At the same time, once a customer has not  For example hopp again for nearly 6 months, we can also arrange incentives in advance to prevent them from becoming lost customers. Discover “opportunity points” for lost customers compar with active customers, lost customers are more like a fog.

We need to better For example  understand them

To ensure that the budget invest in awakening will not be wast. It is recommend to try this: on the sidelines:The usually defin  launch  Iraq WhatsApp Number Data new products, new activities, market For example -breaking discounts, festivals and other projects that you think have the  The usually defin  opportunity to stimulate lost customers. You can try to analyze the actual impact on this group of lost customers and dig out opportunities.

The usually defined Direct competition The For example  usually  send questionnaires

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Phone interviews or even focus . Group interviews to directly ask customers about the possibility of interacting and Bolivia WhatsApp Number List  shopping again. The questionnaire .Can be pair with incentives . To increase customer . Response rates. Accurately segment customers into groups again! Yes, you read that right, we are going to split into groups again! is always too For example  large, and it is difficult to invest all the budget in communication, not to mention that not all lost customers have the same value.

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