Divide into groups once so that wake-up

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Therefore, we can use the integrated basic background and behavioral data to reorganize this group of lost customers.  Divide into groups  ommunication can be more precise. Common information includes: latest transaction time recency, number of transactions frequency, transaction contribution amount monetary, purchased product categories, communication and interaction responses (open, click), communication and interaction theme preferences, website browsing, questionnaire answers, etc.

We can make the  Divide into groups  following grouping matrix

For example ,  and select members with higher value and opportunities for priority communication. As shown in the  Iran WhatsApp Number Data picture below, the pink and yellow blocks have higher value and opportunity. Customer relationship management can use nes member activity matrix grouping​ going further, you can also adopt advanced grouping methods and use ai to automatically group groups to find out who should be communicated with first.

Design ways to wake up sleeping

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Migo ai can help marketers calc ulate the repurchase opportunity index of each customer to sort and find them. Create an optimized list.  customers through the results of point 2, we can now begin to  Benin WhatsApp Number List design the communication content and channels in the wake-up plan based on the unearthed opportunities. Please remember that lost customers are more difficult to reach than active customers.

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