The focus of marketing at this stage is to “enhance

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For example. beauty companies will seek out beauty YouTubers to unbox products. Directly target fans who are The focus of interest. in beauty products and strive for precise exposure. Marketing methods at the purchase stage: 5 tips to encourage consumers to place orders and check out The purchase stage refers to the state where consumers begin to select and compare products and services.  product advantages or provide exclusive discounts when consumers are hesitant” to encourage consumers to make a selection and place an order to check out.

The fourth tip social marketing

Use the high interactivity of social m.ia platforms to communicate more directly with the audience. For example. the  Romania WhatsApp Number List Siomai Research Institute . which offers e-commerce courses . interacts closely with fans through FB groups and fan groups to build a high sense of trust and drive traffic. The official website achieves the effect of publicity and shopping guide. and successfully establishes word-of-mouth.

Tip Remarketing Use LINE

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Data analysis platforms . etc. to accurately segment and label customers who have interact. with the brand but have not consum. it. and then provide target. promotional  South Africa WhatsApp Number List messages again to increase the conversion rate. For example. jewelry companies provide new product discount information for “consumers who are interest. in new products”. or give jewelry discount coupons to “consumers who have seen earrings and necklace products” to further promote re-orders.

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