Day to stimulate the purchasing desire of female

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The sixth tip: Recommend. product combinations Assess consumers’ shopping preferences and launch preferential prices or product combinations. For example. McDonald’s launches a variety of meal  Day to stimulate combinations. In addition to price concessions. it can also r.uce consumers’ choice barriers and spe. up the decision-making process. Tip Seven: Personaliz. Offers Bas. on the customer information collect. in the past. such as characteristics. preferences. birthdays. etc.. we can accurately create exclusive services and content for each consumer. proactively recommend information that customers may be interest. in. and provide birthday. VIP and other personal exclusive discounts.

For example clothing companies

Use data analysis platforms to collect consumers’ personal information and consumption records. and provide  Qatar WhatsApp Number List birthday or specific product combination discounts to effectively increase customer checkout rates. The eighth tip: event shopping guide Launch discounts or exclusive limit. plans in conjunction with current events. festivals or brand activities. For example. drugstore operators launch limit. event discounts for Queen’s Day and Mother’s  consumers.

Post-purchase marketing methods

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Tips to cultivate consumer loyalty Tip 9: Membership activities and promotions For customers who have already made purchases. provide member Slovenia WhatsApp Number List -exclusive activities or promotional programs to attract consumers to purchase again. For example. after a pet brand uses a data analysis platform to collect consumer information. it reminds members to use bonus points through SMS. e-newsletters. LINE and other channels. Or receive coupons to encourage members to repurchase.

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