The demographic problems of rural spaces

March 25, 2024 0 Comments


Spain The demographic problems of rural spaces in Spain Share on Twitter Share on . However, in recent times they have become an issue of greater concern from.  The municipal to the state and European Union (EU) levels. It also arouses the interest of the press, with constant, almost daily, chronicles and reports referring to the dynamics and demographic structure. This is a transversal topic for many investigations to which the main actors of the territory are added: residents, technicians, associations.  Journalists and public managers.

All of them inform, warn and generate diagnoses

Proposals to improve the development of rural communities threatened by population loss. However, rural depopulation is a problem with deep historical roots in Spain, although the seriousness of the problem is now being shown. With extraordinary frequency, information about  Laos WhatsApp Data rural spaces  Spain. Likewise, public powers, at their various levels, strive to create plans, strategies and measures to stop depopulation and to revitalize their rural spaces. Likewise, political groups emerge that demand measures and demand a greater role for their provinces, regions and municipalities. New possibilities platforms and political powers in these rural territories and, even.  Regardless of regional or provincial boundaries.

It may be an unexpected political force that enters

The regional and national parliaments in the near future. Rural depopulation becomes a problem involved in a vicious and pernicious circle. of accessibility. Poor training and the precarious labor market. In this way Switzerland WhatsApp Number List  as a consequence of population loss and aging, primary and -industrial activities are agricultural cultural landscapes are degraded, fires increase, etc. and refers to the existence of  municipalities at risk of extinction. Those with less than  inhabitants the population.

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