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Against climate change, with the decarbonization of international maritime transport appearing as  good part of the projects and initiatives of the main ports. To this it must be  that the IMO itself estimates that only  of all greenhouse gas emissions are directly  to maritime transport. In this context, various analyzes ( Port of Algeciras , Port of Barcelona or Port of Valencia , among others on the starting premise of raising awareness and collaboration of maritime transport with the .  Environmental objectives, it is important to simultaneously evaluate the impact on the competitiveness and.  Employment of the different territories of the extension of the ETS to the maritime transport sector.

In particular, the modification in the Directive

Could cause a diversion of routes to non-EU ports (such as those in Russia, Morocco. Turkey or the would lengthen routes and increase the use of freight transport by road and/or cabotage, generating a greater net Japan WhatsApp Data  volume of greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, as a consequence of the transfer of transshipment to other non-EU ports, there would be a loss of connectivity in European ports, and with it a drop in the competitiveness of European exports and its consequent effects on production and employment in the most closely linked territories.

A circumstance of special relevance for regions

Powerful and consolidated ports, backbones of the productive activity in their surroundings and generally located in peripheral and outermost regions of the  Singapore WhatsApp Number List European Union (such as Spain). Given these issues, the extension of the ETS to maritime transport is currently in the process of final negotiation between the Parliament, the Council and the . European Commission where  are being discussed. from  for investment or. Directive from an economic perspective, social and environmental.

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