That a certain service provider has

I have also remind readers many times. Not to be obsess with worship some great gods, which will make you lose the ability to think independently and make wrong judgments and choices. For business purposes, most cross-border e-commerce summits are held in those extremely luxurious and magnificent five-star hotels. The faint smell of perfume in the hotel is elegant and subtle, and the sooth and pleasant. BGM makes people feel instantly reliev. On the stage of the venue, various masters, bigwigs, and big coffees talk freely, and the cross-border concept was strategiz, just like Huashan.

These scenes seem to be in stark contrast

To the daily clutter warehouses of sellers. Wear vests, slippers, sweat profusely, the sound of tape be pull, and busy pack and shipp. As for how much help this kind of summit can br, whether it is genuine or not. Or whether it is a layman guid an expert, it is up to the benevolent to see the Kenya Phone Number List wisdom of the wise. The dramatic th is that after a period of time, you will find that the cross-border mia keeps break out that a certain company defaults on the supplier’s payment, that a certain company has run away, that the boss of a certain company has been arrest, and  clos down.

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Independent think is more important

Than read It has to be said that most sellers in the. Cross-border industry lack the ability to think independently. In the cross-border industry, people follow what others say, and follow the trend and sell is a common norm. A few days ago, a reader shar with me his personal experience of participat in a certain shar session, summ up the “leek theory” point of view, and determin not B2C Lead to participate in this kind of shar session again. Probably because most users worship the words of the so-call industry bosses too much. For example. The boss said that the promotion effect of a certain channel is surprisly good.

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