Russia weaken by war than with a partner

Against this background, it is clear that, as the conflict unfolds today, China’s closeness to Putin is becom a grow problem . The development of the war so far indicates that if the Russians continue to be unsuccessful, they may react with further brutality and escalation of the fight, or possibly consider the use of chemical weapons or even tactical nuclear weapons. China will not be able to go down this path if it does not want to risk the international reputation it has carefully and intelligently built over decades, and thus cast doubt on its development successes.

Therefore, Putin should not count on

China to help him break Western sanctions or even save him militarily. Significantly, while China has sign association agreements with Russia, it has not form any alliances that could entail obligations of mutual support. Russia must have no illusions; China has so far been a power with exceptional self-interest in international politics. Unlike Russia, China can choose how to exit Kazakhstan Phone Number List the conflict. You can calmly analyze the sanctions against Russia and their effects. And regard your claim on Taiwan, China may do better with a  entrench in its imperial spirit and which would pose an increas threat to the international system.

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The Russian dictator and his cabal have

Plac themselves and their country in a situation they did not anticipate and from which it is increasly difficult to imagine a face-sav way out. It is becom increasly clear that the fabricat reason for the war, which denies Ukraine’s right to exist, stems from the twist mind of a dictator who became an amateur historian while in isolation dur the pandemic. Putin pretends to be wag war for the good of Russia. But Russia is a multi-ethnic state, and there are probably enough ethnic groups already think that this is not his war. Putin is B2C Lead now putt not only himself and his regime at risk, but also the Russian Feration as a whole.

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