Support Decree approvedhere are all the measures for businesses

The Government launched the new Support .  Decree on 19 March 2021. Here is all the aid for businesses and freelancers Published March 22, 2021 Alt text On March 19, the Council of Ministers approved the Support Decree , containing .  Various restrictions designed to stem Covid-19 infections. 32 billion euros have been allocated to carry out the interventions . The measures refer to five different areas .Support for businesses and third sector operators.  Health and safety, help for local authorities, work and the fight against poverty and other sectoral measures.

Support Decree: economic aid to businesses

One of the most important measures is America Cell Phone Number List represented by non-repayable contributions to businesses damaged by the pandemic . In particular, companies that suffered a 30% drop in turnover in 2020 will be compensated. The beneficiaries are also professionals with a VAT number.  Professionals registered with orders, startups, non-commercial and third sector entities. Smaller companies (with less turnover) will have a larger refund. Here are the rates.  Based on company turnover : 60% contribution for companies with a turnover of less than 100 thousand euros 50% contribution for companies between 100 and 400 thousand euros in turnover

Social security contributions 2020: exemption for the self-employed

Another novelty concerns the exemption from social security .  Contributions for 2020 for all self-employed workers. The details of this measure are not yet known, but it .  Will certainly concern those with an income of up to 50 thousand B2C Lead euros and who have suffered a 30% reduction in turnover. The Government has also thought about .  Compensation for the most damaged workers. Seasonal players will receive 2,400 euros, while athletes.  Will have between 1,200 euros and 3,600 euros. There is also the extension of all interventions designed for workers in fragile conditions.

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