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Frankly speak, I was a little surpris when I receiv an email from Ant Financial for assistance. Ant Financial itself has a lot of subordinate industries, and has a lot of reliable industry background data, but still seeks information from me on the front line of the industry. Some people lament that their background investigation work can be so detail. After some phone calls, we exchang some information with each other, and some of the understands were expect. In my opinion, a lot of information they obtain internally was mislead, at least some of the data f back to me did not match the facts.

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Doubts about the data, and perhaps it is because of this phone call that I can find a front-line seller engag in this industry to consult the real industry situation. As for whether the project can be complet, I hope so. Why You Ne to Get Us to Independent Think If one doesn’t want to use one’s brain to think, the safest th to do is to pick up a book at leisure. This explains Latvia Phone Number List why be well-inform makes many people more stupid than they would otherwise be. They are, as Pope said, always always read, but never be read. Every man who really thinks for himself is completely sovereign in the spiritual realm. Schopenhauer is a well-known melancholic philosophical genius in.

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Germany in the 19th century, the pioneer of

Humanism in modern western philosophy and the founder of voluntarism. Schopenhauer’s philosophical arguments are full of  world, from the essence of life, to social phenomena, to marriage and love. But there is no lack of unique life wisdom in it, which is worth savor carefully by us secular mortals. For example, life comes from will, and reason is subordinate to desire. Accord to Schopenhauer, reason seems to always obey desire and act as a tool of desire. If you want to persuade a person, you should not use logic and reason to persuade, but B2C Lead you should appeal to his interests, desires and will. This theory has been appli incisively and vividly in the cross-border e-commerce industry.

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