If you have many years of experience

Sellers differentiate and position customers, price wars satisfy customers’ desire for cheap products, and some service providers grasp new sellers’ desire to make a fortune quickly. And when you lack rational judgment and independent think, then you may not know that the cheap products you pay for may be a pile of garbage, and the shortcut to get rich quick may be a trap. This reminds me of a movie “Wuwen Xidong” releas in 2018 to commemorate the centennial celebration of Tshua University. The shoot method of the film borrows from the 2012 sci-fi epic film “Cloud Atlas”, which has mix reviews on the Internet.

I also have this feel after watch

I insist on watch “Wu Wen Xi Dong” just to prove how stupid I am. Frankly, it also seems to prove what a stupid bunch I am. Not only is it stupid, but the rare th is that this movie touches the deepest part of my heart. It is also because of my independent think. I will not be easily l to the rhythm, and I will not easily accept other people’s opinions “Only stupid people watch “Wuwen Xidong”. After independent think, I gave stupid people a completely different Lebanon Phone Number List point of view, and I gave this movie a high score. I like the beautiful picture of this movie, the bgm soundtrack that fits the scene and the right time, and I like.

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Zhang Zhen’s last narration My understand and

Analysis of the development trend of the cross-border industry.  in cross-border e-commerce and can think independently to understand the industry of cross-border e-commerce, maybe you will have some resonance with me. Last week, I visit a friend in the cross-border industry. We chatt a lot and reach some consensus. After the cross-border industry experienc eBay’s store-focus distribution model in the early years, and enter Amazon’s focus on products and brands, with the influx of a large number of sellers, various disadvantages have B2C Lead gradually emerg. Amazon has creat countless wealth myths, and also made some sellers heavily in debt. No matter whether it is eBay or Amazon, it is not easy to achieve someth today.

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