Russia has distuish itself as a violent military

A political document releas these days by President Xi Jinp on the development strategy between now and the centenary of the creation of the People’s Republic in 2049 stipulates that the policy of reform and open must continue. China will continue to work for an international order that also takes into account the interests of develop countries and will refrain from hegemonic and power politics. In the last 30 years, Russia has return to the international scene in a very different way.

In this period of China’s unprecent rise

To become the world’s largest trad power, Russia has not been successful in the global competition of economies and societies. It is deeply stuck in the stage of a rentier economy dependent on raw materials. On this basis, Vladimir Putin – traumatiz by what he sees as the shameful end of the Soviet Union and frustrat by the arrogance and ignorance of an expansive Finland Phone Number List West – has brought Russia back onto the stage of international politics since tak office. office in 2000. This was done, claim to be a world power, on the basis of a modernization of the Army. Since then, and after a brief period of indecision (2000-2006/2007) about the course to follow.

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Russia has not miss any opportunity to

Support anti-Western, anti-American and anti-democratic forces. actor, will and capable of multiple types of. Intervention state terrorism, hybrid warfare, use of mercenary troops, cyber attacks, assault power, and international banditry. The war in Ukraine is, so far, the biggest adventure the president has thrown his country on. The invasion of Ukraine, however, has so far resembl Putin’s military oath. It is a disaster for Russia. There are enormous material and human losses, obvious military tactical errors, problems with troop morale, logistics B2C Lead and the reconnaissance work of the services.

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