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And this seems to be a massive socio-psychological event. contradictory reason Among the endless videos dicat to the events in Ukraine, there is one where a man from the kyiv suburbs is seen call his relatives who live in the Russian city of Vologda. He tells them about his experience. «They are bomb us; peaceful citizens and children are dy,” he says. But his relatives in Russia, who live a thousand  believe him. “There is no war. They only shoot at nationalists”, answers the voice of an old woman. The man gets angry. “How do you know? I’m here!” he yells.

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It is no coincidence that the Russian government forbids the use of the word “war.” It indicates a situation that cannot be perceiv in a neutral way, unlike a “special military operation”, which is perceiv as the continuation of a complex government policy and does not require a personal attitude Australia Phone Number List towards it from a citizen. Government propaganda gives people a kind of sav grace by allow them not to accept reality. In a country where the collective memory is bas on the victory over fascism in a bloody but just defensive war, this is quite an effective mechanism.

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Accept that Russia has committ a military

Aggression against one of the peoples closest to it in historical and cultural terms is practically impossible from a psychological point of view. It sabotages the basic perceptions that Russians have about justice, their core values. Many people are not strong enough for it. So they are B2C Lead do everyth they can to avoid see reality, repeat the clichés of propaganda “there is no war.” This psychological break explains the obvious contradiction between everyday experience and the results of sociologists.

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