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Many people who think that war is morally and politically unacceptable may at the same time speak of support for the Russian government’s “special operation” not just out of fear but in the vain hope that the official version of events will somehow turn out to be wrong. way, miraculously true (at least in part). Because that would free her from the horrible prospect of moral failure and the terrible ne to speak out against the facts. The government is try very hard to use this moral dilemma, actually blackmail people out of the feel of fear.

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Russian, and if he is asham, he is not Russian and he is not with us,” said the president’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov. But there is a vulnerability to this tenuous contradictory reason it cannot be sustain for long. No amount of draconian information control measures can protect citizens UK Phone Number List from the monstrous reality. First of all, about a third of Russians have relatives in Ukraine.  phone calls and messages between them. My phone is fill with the most desperate pain. “We have been sitt in the basement for four days.” “They are bomb. We are experienc a blockage. No one can go in or out.” “Today I lin up for 5 hours to buy bread.

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Messages by the hundrs. And there are millions like me in Russia. This testimony of the catastrophe is much more persuasive than political debates. It is dangerous for us to discuss the number of casualties suffer by the Russian army in Ukraine. It is the most sensitive issue for the government, which closely monitors these discussions. The government has officially acknowlg B2C Lead that more than 500 soldiers have di dur the “operation”. Even this number is monstrously high. In ten years of war in Afghanistan, the USSR lost just over 14,000 soldiers and officers. Today, death enjoys a greater harvest.

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