It reinforces DE globalization trends

The modernization of recent years appears to have been accompani by large-scale corruption. The consequences are symbolic humiliations such as the loss of the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet or the fail attempt to capture kyiv, the Ukrainian capital, at the beginn of the war. For Putin, the development of the conflict becomes more and more problematic, both internally and externally. At home, the course of the war is likely to undermine his aura as a leader. And in terms of foreign policy, he cannot be indifferent to the fact that the main outlet for liberal capitalism.

The Economist , headlines How deteriorat is the

Russian Army?», since its claim to play in the field of the Great Powers is bas on the fact that Russia claims to have powerful, professional and very modern arm forces. The war is ongo and could drag on for much longer. The West, includ Europe, is unit, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is about to expand to include militarily well-position Swen and Finland. NATO Georgia Phone Number List military could rub their eyes. And they can be confident that they could outmaneuver this adversary in a conventional war but Russia is, unfortunately, a nuclear power.

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Whatever the outcome of the war

It has already trigger dynamics that will lead to far-reach global processes.  that have been evident since the financial crisis 10 years ago and were accelerat by the covid-19 pandemic. Geopolitically, new fields of power are emerg, while geoeconomically a reorganization of energy, production, distribution, and financial systems is emerg. In this context, China’s international B2C Lead status and its successful model of economic recovery are increasly challeng by the war in Russia and its close association with Putin.

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