Catgut immutably answer my question and

It was a nice bonus. At the end of the answer from Bard I was given the option to search the topic further via Google. I think that’s a nice feature. If I didn’t trust the information, I could launch a one-click Google search to double-check the facts. ChatGPT does not have this option. Landing page text Bard. Landing page text about SEA by Bard landing page text chatgpt. Landing page text about SEA by ChatGPT Translating a piece of text from English to Dutch I also wonder if the two chatbots could help me translate a piece of text from English into Dutch. I already had the English text on the website, but want a Dutch version.

First I notic that if I provid the link to a

Web page and ask for the text to be translat, Bard could answer and ChatGPT could not. That’s because Bard is connect to the internet. ChatGPT does not. Text from ChatGPT about not being able to access the Thailand Phone Number List internet. ChatGPT does not have access to the internet Anyway, don’t worry, it was a small effort for me to copy and paste a piece of text into the tool. So I ask the question again, this time for a short piece of text about “user centric focus.” Translation of Bard.

Phone Number List

Translation by Bard Translation

chatgpt Translation by ChatGPT The following struck me: did what I ask it to: translate a piece of text from English to Dutch. Both tools had about the same translation of the piece of text. Bard gave me additional information about “user-centric focus.” He explain what the term meant and why it is so important for growth marketing. Very nice! Coding and more The two tools B2C Lead are compar and test in many different ways by others around me. For example, it seems that explaining a complex subject is explain better and in more detail by Bard.

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