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Then the temptation to break the law is very great. So from a contextual ethics point of view, you can hardly blame these administrators (I almost say emphatically) for not resisting this temptation. Read also: Beyond the AI ​​hype: opportunities, risks & policy The course determin the direction The fact that the AGTGs mainly care about shareholder value has also been shown in various hearings in recent years. We found perhaps the most poignant example of the systematic brushing off of Instagram’s effects on young girls by Meta Platforms.

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To protect their reputation. On the other hand, frustrate any kind of research into the alleg relationship between social mia and suicide in young girls. It was the fear of a falling price that determin the direction. And so I come back to my point. The financial interests of the AGTGs are so great that regulating AI will be extremely frustrat when it could even negatively impact Armenia Phone Number List shareholder value. This frustration will lead to delay, this delay to unnecessary social damage. Major social risks are the result Personally, I see the greatest risks in influencing public information and the democratic process.

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The Skynet Terminator reference AI takes

Over the world” scenario may be less clear to us, but it does not seem to be the biggest short-term problem. The economic disruption at present, but you see this more often with the introduction of impactful technology. As far as I’m concern, it really comes down to the violation of the B2C Lead institutions that are also the parties that have to regulate this. Is there no solution then? Yes. There are several course changes that can guide us to a better future. But they are almost all at the system level. We can only slow down the development of technology, we cannot stop it. The genie is out of the bottle. We therefore see two important solutions for us.

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