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Yet they are manag by a small group of directors, who are only really held accountable by the shareholders for one thing: the course of the company. The proposition we explore is therefore the following: “With AI, not the technology, but the interests of the makers of this technology, is the greatest danger.” The big 5 at the helm When I talk about AGTGs, I’m talking about the Western big 5 in technology for the sake of convenience: Apple Microsoft Alphabet (Google) Amazon Meta Platforms (Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp) These companies have a combin market value of a whopping $9 trillion.

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The gross domestic product (GDP) of all countries except the Unit States and China. By way of comparison, Japan is the world’s third-largest economy with a GDP of about $5 trillion. That these AGTGs have a lot of influence is not only evident from their financial position, but also from their long and complicat dance . These are actually the only institutions that can still offer Austria Phone Number List some counterweight to these mastodons. However, it is like the elephant and the rider. The elephant (the AGTG) allows itself to be steer a bit by the driver (supervisor or government), but when they don’t feel like it anymore, they stomp in the other direction without any consequence. And there is no rider that can stop that. Fines are a joke How do I come to this cynical conclusion.

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Out to an AGTG was in 2018 and amount to approximately $5 billion. Then you think… pretty nice. But that amount represent about 11 weeks of cash flow from the company that had to pay for it. It is therefore simply too lucrative for shareholders, and by extension the directors, not to opt for B2C Lead the money. It’s a bit like parking in Amsterdam costs you 100 euros for the whole day, but you only have to pay a fine of 0.25 cents if you break the law.

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