Letter to our customers: Owner of the Small Business

Transforming Brazil through entrepreneurship”, our purpose has never been as relevant and urgent as it has been in the last few days and will certainly be in the next month. During this time of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, I want to reinforce our commitment to the health and well-being of our team, customers, partners and, above all, to the health of small Brazilian companies. We know that the number of contaminated should increase considerably in the coming weeks. We need to ensure that the transmission of the virus is slowed down while maintaining as much social isolation as possible. Thus avoiding overloading the health system, serious impacts on our economy and business performance. Just as we are sure that the crisis will get worse in the coming weeks. We are also sure that it will pass. The first important action for all of us is not to panic.

We need clarity and preparation

For a time of great uncertainty. I have no doubt that we will come out of this stronger, more efficient and productive. Actions we have already taken as Conta Azul In this context, at Conta Azul, we are taking actions for the good of our team and to further support our customers in going through this complex moment. We have a cloud platform and have  Korea Phone Number Data  always defended the possibility of working and having control of the company from anywhere — whether in the office or at home. So, as expected, our first containment measure was to guide most of our team not to leave their homes, working remotely. To make this possible, we take steps to ensure that everyone has what they need to maintain the WOW level of delivery and experience for our customers. All our telephone lines are working normally.

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Even with a large part of the team working remotely

We would like to reinforce that the Chat channels must play a special role with the increased demand for guidance from our customers. In the interest of everyone’s health, we also decided to cancel trips and events for the first half of 2020. Finally, and not least, there is nothing for you to worry about regarding the availability and security of our platform, everything will remain at the same level of excellence as ever. Once again, regardless of the   B2C Lead  current scenario, we will strengthen and maintain practices that are already part of our daily lives and culture. Managing your business in times of crisis Knowing the financial situation of your business is fundamental to putting together your plan to face this crisis. All entrepreneurs must be clear about the health of their cash and Conta Azul helps exactly this point.

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