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It’s time to join the dark side. How email on acid can help with dark mode emails: with dark mode inconsistencies between email clients, the only way to make sure an email looks right is to test it. Email on Acid allows you to easily preview your email across multiple email clients in both light and dark modes. Get start: https: //www. Emailonacid. Not sure if your subscribers even use dark mode? We can help with that, too. Email on Acid now offers dark mode open tracking inside our application. Check your analytics to see the percentage of subscribers viewing emails in dark and light modes on specific email clients, so you can better maximize your time. How do you keep subscribers opening, reading, clicking, and converting long after your welcome email series comes to an end?

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Driving email engagement is one of the toughest jobs in digital marketing. And it’s no wonder why… The average person receives over 100 emails per day just for work. Multiply that a few times, and you’ve got the rest of their crowd inbox. Email engagement is a broad business email list topic. There are many different metrics to track and goals to consider. But it’s worth improving because engag subscribers mean more traffic to your website, increas revenue, more eyeballs on your content, and a better sender reputation to support email deliverability. That’s why we’ve put together a guide to driving email engagement.

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In this post, we’ll cover what email engagement is, the best ways to measure it, and a few tips to go from skimming and deleting to clicking and converting. What is email engagement? Email engagement is a term that refers to how subscribers interact with your B2C Lead emails. Engag subscribers do something in response to your email, such as open, read, click, or reply. Highly engag subscribers do this regularly; it’s likely they may even overlap with your best customers. (Thank goodness for superfans!) This is the opposite of an unengag contact, who generally ignores or deletes your emails until unsubscribing. What are the most important email engagement metrics?

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