It’s time to think about Growth Hacker metrics

Focus, Vic, Focus. Not the Ford, you are from Peugeot. Focus of “oh, don’t be distracted, let this come out quickly, the prize deserves it.” Amos, for the prize I am able to clean the entire house, but with windows and everything (even vacuuming the frames and the blinds). For the prize I am able to call Iván Ferreiro and convince. Therefore, him to give me a concert based on “come on, please, please, please”, of course, to the rhythm of Turnedo. For the Maaaaa-to award. Come on, time is running out! Hello! How about you doing? You missed me? If not, don’t answer me, but then you will worry me and I will think that you didn’t miss me. If yes, tell me it fills me up. I say, seriously. How are you handling everything? Tell me tell me! I’m here, super busy.

More than you imagine

Let’s say I’m in that phase that all productivity evangelists call “crisis” and I spend the day doing tasks that go directly to the Urgent and Important quadrant . To give you an example: changing the desktop wallpaper on my new Mac or finding the photo that shows that my little sister dates company data an almost exact replica of the Therefore, protagonist of American Pie… Oops. Delete it! Of course, as there are many, those of Important but not Urgent become Urgent and start over. But I will be able to sweep my chimney even if it is with help, what a good chimney sweep who sweeps me will be! . Anyway, okay, I’ll leave it, I’m nervous. Do you remember that post I published recently about “What’s left over on your blog” ? Do you remember that I said that I would talk about pirate metrics soon ? Well, it’s time.

A cool name like It's time to

Therefore, How disgusting. Well no, that one ends in G. And what about the Framework? How cool is it? Anyway, all this is very nice but, in reality, what we B2C Lead are talking about is that Growth Hackers classify metrics into 5 large groups: AARRR : Acquisition. From English Acquisition, to Murcian “acho brings pa’cá”. The metrics contained in this group have to do with the form and number of users that are attracted to your SaaS product (which is where Growth Hacking was born).

They are also valid for other types of products and even a blog. We’ll see it later. But, to understand it, here we would be talking about attracting or, rather, the way in which users access your site. Activation . Said Activation. Activation is not like what they told us about “you have to make the first call for your SIM to be activated” (which cost you half of the balance you had purchased). In reality , these metrics refer to the first or first actions of the user on our site . 

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