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avoid long sentences and complicated clauses — they leave you at a higher risk of grammar difficulties;
proofread your emails manually or consult with the Essay Tigers service to catch passive voice misuses and other stylistic issues. Email marketing mistake 5. Underestimating the power of subject lines The subject line is the frosting on the email cake. Although it doesn’t offer the main value of email marketing campaigns, it creates the first impression and decides the fate of your open rates. Poor subject lines can even make readers unsubscribe from you. Make your subject lines brief yet informative and use relevant emojis to catch

subscribers’ attention.

Email marketing mistake 6. Poorly personalized emails Striving for personalization is great — it promotes your brand as considerate and caring, increasing the Mexico WhatsApp Number Data sender’s reputation. According to GetResponse, personalized subject lines have a 24% open rate, while generic ones are opened by 21% of recipients; personalized email body has a 3.89% CTR compared to a 3.29% CTR of non-personalized emails.

Common Email Marketing Mistakes :

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Because personalization is such a powerful tool, the worst mistakes in email marketing come at a high cost. Just from our clients’ experience, most issues marketers face have to do with personal data tokens. If you use [FNAME] or other tags, test if they are displayed right before starting email campaigns. Otherwise, you might end up awkwardly calling a recipient the wrong name or having “Dear [FNAME]” in the copy.

Please be advised:

You can add merge tags to your email copy for your specific ESP with Stripo. In our A to Z blog post — the personalizing copy section — we in detail show how to do it. Email marketing mistake 7. Old or broken links  B2C Lead
CTR is one of the most important metrics for email marketers. Newsletters rarely have much standalone marketing value — however, they are a powerful tool to connect a prospective customer to the website or a social media channel. We harness the potential of emails by adding links to them. Naturally, sending a newsletter with a broken or old link will deal a lot of damage. The most common email marketing mistakes connected with links are:

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