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linking to admin accounts or documents that only the team can view; inking to different offers than those promoted; directing a reader to a 404 page; using links from previous newsletters. This happens quite often when using templates. To ensure all of your links are functioning and secure, use a link testing tool — there are a lot of free tools you can try. Email marketing mistake 8. Not having a clear CTA Call to action is the climax of your emails. You’re focusing target audience with all your email content towards it. It should be easy for email recipients to guess at first glance what your email’s main idea and goal is.

Call to Action Buttons :

When working on an email campaign, make sure CTA buttons are noticeable, have a clear copy, and have proper URLs. See the types of buttons New Zealand WhatsApp Number Data here. Email marketing mistake 9. Non-accessible email layout Another email marketing big mistake is not building accessible emails. We tend to forget about those who use screen readers. People may do it for various reasons: permanent or temporary visual impairments, being busy when driving/cooking, etc. Some recipients who suffer from color blindness cannot distinguish, say, green from red and vice versa.

Underlining Links Email Marketing Mistake Example:

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We know you will find many email marketing mistakes examples in your Inbox. But we made up the example in order not to use email samples by real brands here. No worries — all emails built with Stripo are adjusted to screen readers. You cannot see it in the code. Stripo adds necessary code elements when exporting emails to any ESP/CRM. Find more details on how to make your emails accessible in Stripo’s respective blog post.

Email marketing mistake :

Missing out on mobile users means letting go of dozens of prospective leads and major   B2C Lead  conversion boosts — 42% of emails are opened on mobile devices. However, marketers are still slow to adopt mobile-friendly design practices. Sending out visually rich but non-responsive emails is one of the top common mistakes in email marketing that prevents business owners from connecting to the mobile core audience effortlessly. Ensure the email builder you use provides you with fully responsive email templates to increase sales.

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