For the strategy of loyal customers

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 As rapid growth slows down. the brand will face a turning point. Use marketing funnels to review operating status. analyze the channels for acquiring the best potential customers. and start converting new customers. . allocate resources at the middle and bottom levels of the marketing  For the strategy  funnel. Brands use marketing funnels to gain insight into the next growth potential. To effectively utilize marketing funnels. continuously accumulat data will be an indispensable foundation.

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Integrating experiences. and deepening two-way relationships will be The key to keeping customers loyal to your brand. 4 major  For the strategy  methods to formulate target customer groups to achieve the basis of group segmentation South-Korea Phone Number List  Planning marketing activities at each stage according to the marketing funnel will lead to the next question: how to find the target customer groups for these marketing activities? Customers in different stages of non-linear movement have footprints both online and offline.

 From the perspective of advertising concepts

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they will be vague audience groups. So how to accurately target the target customer group? Below we will share 4 major  Germany Phone Number List methods to achieve target customer group development as key elements in planning marketing activities: 4 major methods to formulate target customer groups to easily achieve segmentation 1. Market research and data analysis . Through market research. Competition analysis and data collection. you can understand the nes. competition and consumer behavior of the target market.

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