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Let me just happen to understand that. I walk you through the steps: request information a simple integration in WSO2. Micro Integrator (based on Apache Synapse) that performs these steps.So, get started with digital imagination!Web development will never be the same because of AI, and that’s a good thing Do you want to specialize in strategic marketing? Start the NIMA B Digital marketing course on September 14! 3.9k like bookmark Chief Kerkhofs of Positive Netherlands 3.9k June 29, 2023 at 08:00 Read for 6 minutes New on Frankwatching How politicians can use the potential of social media Sat Navigating to Success with Porter’s Five Forces Model fri Warm up your audience with the right preparation of your content fri 4 tips for engaging with citizens on social media do.

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Call and the integration. Will download them and add them to the Meural. I’ve decided not to put the code needed here on. Fran kwat ching (the article would otherwise be too long) but in part one of this blog. I’ll go deeper into the integration I’ve developed. By the way. It is a three-part blog, the Panama Phone Number List next. Parts of which will be online soon. This integration is quite simple and I will describe it briefly. The incoming message is executed in. An iteration (Iterate) as many times. As object numbers are passed.

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What can you do with this? Now that we know that the integration is simple, you can imagine that. Meural, for example. Builds a search function in the app to browse B2C Lead directly in the. Rijksstudio or in the collection of the MET in New York. But the Rijksmuseum could also make a button in the Rijksstudio that allows you to send an object to your Meural in one go.

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