You can think of the possibility

What is the added value for Meural? Increasing the art objects that you can easily send to it. For example, in the app with a subscription, the option to go directly from the Rijksstudio to the canvas. For the Rijksmuseum, a connection with a Meural canvas would be an opportunity to get in touch with enthusiasts.  to draw attention to certain exhibitions. Or pushing a new object as a surprise to open pieces of the collection. The easier it is to find and upload an object, the more valuable the Meural becomes. Completely ideal, a search engine to which you can link all sources of art and search for certain objects, for example all objects by an artist and collect them and send them to Meural.

Democratization of technology But why

Not develop something yourself? It’s really not that hard. Of course you need IT skills for this, such as development skills in, for example, the Java programming language. That’s the beauty of citizen innovation, you too can develop something like this integration or another idea that Paraguay Phone Number List you’ve had in your head for a long time. Prototype something using Waag’s FabLab, there are more possibilities than you think. How much work is it for an IT professional? Pretty little. Develop a Java application with web frontend and host it somewhere on a web server.

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Anyone can do it the Rijksmuseum

the makers of Meural and anyone with knowledge of programming. , because you can develop so much more in integrations. How about the vacation photos you have saved in Google Photos. This also includes an API and the linking mechanism is basically no different than the connection to the Rijksmuseum. Whether it’s holiday photos, drawings by (grand)children or B2C Lead one of the hundreds of thousands of digitized art objects, Meural can display them. Nil Volentibus Arduum (nothing is impossible for those who want to) and the accessibility of software and systems makes self-development much easier than before.

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