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On the other hand, ChatGPT can write better and more complete code. I challenge you to test both tools in different scenarios – which one do you think performs better? Bard pros and cons After my first experiences with Bard, I cautiously draw a number of conclusions. I definitely see advantages in Bard, but there are also some disadvantages to consider. Advantages The Google Bard user interface is, in my opinion, just a little nicer to work with. Bard creates multiple drafts of the answer. ChatGPT gives one answer and you have to make do with that. Bard is connect to the internet and can therefore translate a summary or a piece of text from a link.

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Thus seems to be a good tool for research. If you do not trust it, you can always start a subsequent search via the Google search engine with one click. Cons As a human being, you have to make a nice text if you want to use Bard’s answer directly in marketing texts, for example. ChatGPT is so far much Afghanistan Phone Number List better at creative writing. ChatGPT (the paid version) nowadays has many plug-ins, making the tool widely usable for all kinds of functions. Bard doesn’t have many plugins and integrations yet. Bard nes some time to learn in languages ​​other than English.

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I work more often with ChatGPT. But if I want a more serious answer, I’d better use Bard. What else can we expect? The development of chatbots such as Bard and ChatGPT is not standing still. Both chatbots continue to learn and will get smarter. When Bard was first releas in early 2023 , there were still some issues with the tool. AI hallucinations. That’s when the chatbot gives the wrong answer or “makes up” an answer. This is because these B2C Lead types of chatbots (also ChatGPT) are actually a kind of “auto complete” systems. Instead of sifting through a database of proven facts to answer questions, these types of chatbots are text-train and analyze patterns to determine what the answer will be.

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