About the determinants of Spain-Europe migrations

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About the determinants of Spain-Europe migrations during the pre-covid financial crisis Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google Plus By Adolfo Maza, University of Cantabria. Although the Great Recession that broke out in 2008 seriously affected all countries, it is also true that it did so with different intensity. The southern European countries were, by far, the most affected, with Spain in particular, which suffered the largest increases in unemployment. Specifically From that year on, it began to decline, although too slowly. High levels of unemployment and the limited capacity of families to cope with the crisis put many Spaniards, especially young people, in a really difficult situation.

In this context, I wanted to briefly review

The main conclusions of a work published jointly with my colleagues was analyzed, which encompassed what happened at the height of the economic-financial crisis and during its recovery stage. Likewise, and due to the  India WhatsApp Data vulnerability of young people to unemployment, a sample was used that distinguished between young people. From a technical point of view, the work used a spatial panel model.  Which somehow allowed the analysis to include the fact that migratory flows not only depend on the attraction factors of the country of origin and the country that actually migrates. stands as a destination country, but also of their situation in other potential host countries.

Leaving aside, as is pertinent here, these methodological issues

I want to begin by pointing out that the descriptive analysis of the first part of the work clearly showed. The influence of the outbreak of the crisis on migration Indonesia WhatsApp Number List  patterns. In effect, the net migration rate went from being positive.  Since Spain was a country that attracted intense migratory flows in the first years of the new century.  To negative, reflecting the exit effect caused by the economic crisis. Regarding age groups, the calculation of emigration rates revealed that flows were especially important among the young population. Whose rate almost doubled that of the adult population. As for the main destinations, Europe stood out  by America .

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