The economic recovery plan in Europe, under review

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The economic recovery plan in Europe, under review Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in . Google highlights that in the  digital and green transition. The European Commission  billion is needed to meet the current  climate and energy targets . According to this work, pandemic-related funds offer the opportunity to “build back better” . Public investment is the objective of the Stability and Convergence Programs of the member states and the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism.

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ECB’s public bond purchasing program make it easier to finance these expenditures, creating an opportunity for governments, through smart investment, to gradually Indonesia WhatsApp Data  shift their debts towards sustainable paths. Given this situation, the authors speak of urgency in the appropriate use of funds a more relaxed and anti-cyclical political stance from Brussels, investment effort grew by . Transformation and Resilience Plan, the planned investment, with its cumulative nature, will allow achieving a public investment effort of around .

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EU funds will be a big boost for the economy, helping it to be more modern, productive, resistant and competitive. The second part of the report focuses on the challenges caused by the pandemic and the pillars of the NGEU. The underlying  Italy WhatsApp Number List theme is the impact of public investment on GDP and private investment, including a chapter 7 dedicated to multipliers, written by L. Durand, R. Espinoza, Weiss address the topic of technologies and digital transformation. They transformation across economies.

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