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“The genie is out of the bottle.” 2 course changes as a solution On the one hand, it starts with strengthening our institutes. Governments and regulators are having a tough time at the moment, but we must not let them give up. A strong government (not necessarily a large one) with a clear task around regulating technologies such as AI requires transformation. This transformation will mainly have to be aim at keeping up with the pace at which developments are taking place. The spe of action ne to slow down must be improv! In addition, expertise is requir.

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Solution, but a department that can build up expertise in collaboration with the market and is given sufficient autonomy to act quickly seems to me to be a good first step. On the other hand, we will have to continue the movement from shareholder value only to value for multiple Algeria Phone Number List stakeholders (from shareholder to stakeholder ). I myself work with the idea of ​​value lenses. This involves adding multiple perspectives to the management of an organization. You have an internal and external perspective in which you give employees, shareholders, customers and society all a voice.

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The perspective of the future and the past in the decision-making process. In the AGTGs, we must above all give a voice to the customers and society of the future. What do they value? today’s decision making in 2030, 2040 or 2050? It’s a crazy thought but my daughter will most likely make it to the year 2100. The administrative horizon of an AGTG generally does not extend beyond the coming quarter. The only way to get the AGTGs on board with this trend is to get the explicit benefits across the stage reinforc with rules and legislation. Both take time. Small actions have big effects We will have to continue to support both tracks at a B2C Lead very local level. That starts with these kinds of considerations that hopefully lead to the right thoughts and behaviors.

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