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We do live in a different time. I can imagine that with such a closure you can also expect a higher response. Different closing styles Everyone has their own style for closing an email, you probably do too. I always end my messages with ‘With cheerful greetings’, just because it suits me. When I email people or companies I don’t know or it concerns ‘serious’ matters, I end with the always safe ‘Sincerely’. But what closing greetings are used in practice? I went looking and asked my colleagues from Frankwatching which ones they come across in practice.

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Known to us and is often seen again. There are plenty of people who add a creative or personal twist to the end of their post. Think of a sunny greeting, hospitable greeting, a thank you or wishing you a nice day or evening. Also beautiful: Beautiful & Good. In your greeting you can also include Nigeria Phone Number List a nod to your background, organization, work or field of work. Examples from practice are: a musical greeting from the music school, a trumpeting greeting from Olifant Media, a tasty greeting from a restaurant or a profitable greeting from a sales agency.

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Nicol Tadema always ends her emails with ‘let’s score with words’. And there are many more variants. kinds of options for closing your message, but what do they add? You can see that the ‘Sincerely ‘ is still the most popular. This is safe, neat and actually always appropriate. You also have a variant of this, namely ‘with kind regards’. It can be both, but the singular is more formal B2C Lead to close with. You can also use “Yours sincerely” in a very business-like letter or e-mail. You often see this with messages that communicate a conflict. So if you receive a letter with ‘Yours sincerely’, that is often not a good sign… More creative and informal closings make your message more personal, but also more informal.

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