The technique so that your page and your product convert more

Have you already heard of UX Writing . Therefore, an expression in English that represents a profession. Currently very common in digital companies? Translating to Spanish. UX writing translates to User Experience Writing . If you already work on the internet or want to become. A digital entrepreneur and have a product, you probably already. Know that you need strategies to attract an audience to your website. Website writing needs to be more direct and. Therefore, Engaging to get people interested in what you have to offer, right? On the other hand, for products such as cell phone applications. Therefore, and digital platforms (as is the case with Hotmart itself ), the writing must be clear and simple, so that all users can easily complete the tasks.

Bluntly what is UX Writing

n a simplified way, UX Writing is the creation. However, of texts that facilitate the user experience executive data in a digital product, a page or application. That is, it is a technique that ensures that the user completes the desired action without. However, obstacles that could confuse them. To better explain, we are going to use, throughout the text, the Hotmart platform as an example. The UX Writer responsible for Hotmart’s texts is responsible. However, for what is written on each screen, that is, titles, subtitles, menus, popups, notifications. However, error messages and various other interactions. As we are a platform with various solutions for users , such as a member area and. However, our own payment system , we often need to communicate by email with our users.

Is UX writer the same as editor/copywriter

The answer is simple: no! A UX writer writes texts with some essential. In conclusion, differences in relation to editors and copywriters . They both write a lot, no B2C Lead doubt. But while the copywriter needs to convince a person to use a new tool. In conclusion, buy a product or sign up for an email list, the UX Writer needs the person to. Complete a task on a page without difficulty. Have you ever had difficulties using an application. Or making an online purchase? Well, this type of obstacle is what ux writing tries to eliminate.

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