The resource layout of the brand to obtain

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Why start a loyalty program brands are looking for stable and valuable traffic. They us. To pursue advertising dividends. But now the same investment can no longer obtain equivalent benefits. The main reasons are the following three reasons: cookieless retail brands face difficulties difficulty  The resource layout  in advertising traffic in today’s post-epidemic era. Brands have encounter. Changes such as channel consolidation and the withdrawal of third-party cookies. The growth of new customers through advertising has been limit..

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Actively thinking about corresponding  The resource layout  countermeasures; and for channel sales as the the main retail brand’s inability to understand the appearance of consumers has further exacerbat. The marketing  Cambodia WhatsApp Number Data dilemma. Retail competition is fierce according to the “Taiwan retail and e-commerce industry market share hero list” industry intelligence from the future circulation research institute. In the field of physical retail department stores. Supermarkets. Mass merchandisers and supermarkets. The market share of leading companies continues to increase. And the market share of the top two companies continues to increase.

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The groups that controll. The advanc. Traffic began a cross-industry merger and acquisition war. The boundaries between retail industries are becoming increasingly blurr.. Causing large-scale retail  Argentina WhatsApp Number List and e-commerce companies to show active cross-industry and cross-channel alliances and mergers and acquisitions. For consumers. Omo life’s full channel has achiev. A more convenient lifestyle; in such an industry under the style. traffic will be affect.

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