The Eiffel Tower becomes an icon of sustainability in this ambitious campaign

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most important architectural icons, not only in France , but in the world. For this reason, Dassault Systèmes , together with the Wunderman Thompson France agency. Brought together a group of experts to demonstrate that environmental challenges. The professionals’ mission was to reimagine Gustave Eiffel ‘s 19th-century design and bring it into tomorrow. The goal was to create, through digital solutions, how the Eiffel Tower could become, not only one of the most recognizable icons of humanity, but also a symbol of sustainability and modernism . Through this ambitious campaign, the Eiffel Tower has become a modern and sustainable building, designed to respond to one of the most important challenges of today: sustainable urban development.

Professionals design a new Eiffel Tower

This challenge is part of the “Building Tomorrow” series , where over six episodes, professionals use modern technology to add top industry data functionalities such as decarbonization, sustainable production, clean energy consumption and the circular economy, with the aim to promote sustainable practices in the urban planning and construction sector. The “Building Tomorrow” campaign shows, through six documentary-like chapters, the power of Dassault Systèmes’ collaborative platform, 3DEXPERIENCE. A platform that seeks to offer today’s solutions to tomorrow’s problems. Thanks to the platform, professionals can work with a virtual “clone” that allows them to test all the options before implementing them in the real world. 

what better example than one of the most iconic monuments in the world

For the campaign Wunderman Thompson France created a final visualization of the model that is juxtaposed with the current Eiffel Tower, showing B2C Lead the similarities and differences of the proposals of yesterday and today. We chose to test the operation of the platform through a real example, and what better example than one of the most iconic monuments in the world . For her part, Florence Verzelen , executive vice president of Industry, Marketing and Sustainability at Dassault Systèmes, pointed out that the “Building Tomorrow” program is an example of the company’s objective in favor of sustainable innovation, “we want to provide solutions that empower the ecosystem of innovators to build a more sustainable future.


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