SPED 2020: Schedule and New Layout

SPED Schedule New Do you want to know what the SPED situation is in 2020 and what are the layout changes? Check out our complete guide. Do you want to know what the SPED situation is in 2020 and what are the layout changes? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are going to find out what has changed in the ICMS and IPI. Digital Tax and  some details about SPED, the Public Digital Bookkeeping System that revolutionized tax and brought greater security and agility to accounting. Prepared? So let’s go. What is SPED Before moving on to the SPED news, it is worth resuming a little bit of what it means for Brazil. This acronym refers to the Public Digital Bookkeeping System.

The Computerization of Relationship Between

A federal initiative created in the last decade that aims to contribute. To Revenue Service (at the Federal, State and Municipal levels) and taxpayers. With SPED, accounting and tax books and documents began to be issued and sent electronically. The system has three main objectives : Promote the integration of tax authorities, through the standardization and sharing of accounting and tax information, respecting legal restrictions. Rationalize and standardize  Netherlands Phone Number Data  ancillary obligations for taxpayers, with the establishment of a single transfer of different ancillary obligations from different inspection bodies. Speed ​​up the identification of tax offenses, with improved control of processes, faster access to information and more effective inspection of operations with the crossing of data and electronic auditing. Furthermore, as SPED is a system that validates information before it is sent, the possibility of the taxpayer making involuntary errors is minimized.

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What Is Fiscal Sped?

However, even with this advance, companies are still required to store. All accounting and tax bookkeeping documents, following the respective deadlines and applicable legislation. SPED comprises several projects , such as Digital Accounting. Bookkeeping (SPED Contábil) and ICMS/IPI Digital Tax Bookkeeping (SPED Fiscal), in addition to issuing. Tax documents , such as the Electronic Invoice (NF-e). Find out a little more about them below. SPED Fiscal is a  B2C Lead  digital file that includes all operations and records that influence the IPI and ICMS calculation . In addition to simplifying compliance with ancillary obligations, it is also possible to streamline. The inspection processes carried out by the Treasury. The generation of the file must be monthly and the responsibility of the taxpayer.

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