Screen of Entire Amp-Module

The interactive content generator The Stripo’s generator streamlines creating interactive email elements, removing the need for coding skills. Just be creative; we handle the tech. The generator gives you a module that contains the following:

This module is already:

connected with the JSON file. You do not need to change anything in it. We’ll work on the JSON file only. Step 2. Working on questions/Editing a JSON file WhatsApp Number List Yes, you need a JSON file for creating your Data Source — the questionnaire itself. This file will pull information/questions from your servers into emails. As your JSON file, use the code sample given below (the one we used for our campaign): Our code contains three question sections. Please remove the highlighted text from your JSON file if you want just two.

In the quiz:

Whatsapp Number list

Promodo decided to use AMP content to make email newsletters more memorable, engaging, and effective. At the same time, they wanted the email marketing team to be able to create these newsletters, rather than allocating time and resources to designers and developers.

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How to create interactive content without code hassle. Stripo presents: Interactive modules generator tripo-product-news Way . Stripo’s prebuilt module  B2C Lead  This module is AMP-powered so it will perform well in Gmail, FairEmail, and Yahoo. And you will have to design a fallback for all other email clients manually. Easy to do if you follow our step-by-step guide.

Pulling a prebuilt AMP module in your template:

I’ve built a ready-to-use “AMP Questionnaire” module for your convenience. It consists of three questions. In fact, as a base, we used our email one from the series, removed all the Stripo identity, and our intro. That’s it. So your module will have three sections for questions.

Screen of entire AMP-module:

You pull this module in your template. It is included in the AMP HTML version by default. To pull the module into a template, please: container template in your email; go to the “Modules” section; enter the “Pre-built” tab; enter “Questionnaire just drag this module into your template. Here, you can edit colors, colors for the “Question” word and its background, and colors for the fields with answers.

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