Public opinion polls in Russia are

For example, on the fourth day of the war, Russia’s government-controll Public Opinion Research Center releas a report that 68 percent of Russians “in some way support the decision to carry out the war.” special military operation. Only 22 did not support it. Similar results were publish by another large sociological research center, the Public Opinion Foundation, whose contracts come mainly and systematically from the Putin government. The survey results show that respondents do not clearly understand the objectives of the “Russian operation”. A quarter assum that the military was “protect the Russian-speak population of Donbas.

Another 20 think that the objective

Of the operation is not to allow bases of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on the territory of Ukraine. 20 believe that the operation is carri out to demilitarize Ukraine. 7 think that Russia wants to “denazify” the country and change its political orientation. 6 believe that the Brazil Phone Number List¬†objective is to change the unsympathetic political regime that the country currently has. Finally, 4 think that the idea is to split Ukraine and control the southeast of the country. These data about the overwhelm support of Russian citizens for the war demoralize those who oppose it. However, an essential correction must be made the data does not reflect everyday experience.

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In fact, while there are people who

Support the invasion of Ukraine, two-thirds is a stagger proportion. If they are so many, why don’t we see them anywhere? wartime sociology often tools us to manipulate public consciousness. Many sociologists suggest that the number of “socially approv answers” has grown in recent years these are the cases in which people tell the interviewer not what they really think, but what they B2C Lead assume is expect of them. It is likely that this effect has increas significantly since the beginn of the war campaign. Furthermore, the Russian government is knowly creat an atmosphere of fear in the country.

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