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The influence of the bosses should not be underestimat. There are a large number of users at every turn. Since there are swarms of swarms, they are swarm by the way, and then they are frozen, the money is spent, and the account is hung up. It is commonly known as “leek theory”. For some sellers who are more rational and have at least some independent think and risk prevention awareness, they will look at this matter from different angles. They will go to Google to search for reviews of overseas sellers, and they will go to.

YouTube to find similar video interpretations

Of course, complet these background checks does take a lot of time and effort. Regardless of the industry, independent think and background analysis is a very basic job, but it is also the most easily overlook job. For example, when it comes to cross-border product selection, do Kuwait Phone Number List you choose products bas entirely on your feels, or don’t choose products at all, and distribute  information such as Google trends, product features, market demand and competition, product selection software, and industry expert feback.

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Here is an example of how Ant

Financial does industry background checks. Frankly speak, this is worth learn from. After several months of learn independent think and investigation and analysis from Ant Financial, I accidentally receiv an email from the investment department of Ant Financial. Consider commercial privacy, I will not elaborate on the details. Roughly, Ant Financial’s internal research screen out a batch of projects, includ independent station payment collection projects. Then, conduct B2C Lead industry background investigation and analysis on this project through various internal channels.

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