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Results: How AMP Product Cards Creating the First emails engage subscribers Agencies use different tools for different emails, chosen according to their vast marketing experience. At the same time, it is crucial to do it creatively and in various ways. We will now present some examples of different types of AMP emails and how they work. “The first clients for which we implemented AMP were Stylus and Intertop, and others followed. Usually, it goes like this. The client says: we found out that there is a new technology, and we want it.”

Svitlana Fursa:

Product cards Creating the first emails with interactive product cards took a lot of Belgium WhatsApp Number Data resources from our and Stripo’s teams because it was a complicated concept to implement. We do not use this format often since it has a complicated layout with products in each email. It is easier to use smart containers, where all the information is pulled up when a link is added.

Here is an example:

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of an email newsletter with AMP product cards made for Intertop. As you can see, thanks to AMP, the subscribers immediately see the product in all available colors and sizes, and then they can directly proceed to purchase on the site. As a result, the conversion rate increased by 12%, even on Black Friday. Example of AMP-selection module in email

Email newsletter by Promodo for Intertop:

Gamification The agency also actively uses gamification in emails. It was one of the first types  B2C Lead  of AMP content in newsletters. Gamification works well with holiday newsletters. Subscribers love it and respond actively. While the first games were difficult to make, the team now knows how to do it, and subsequent iterations are significantly faster to make. The effect is very pleasing and worth the time spent.

Game Find a pair:

The game “find a pair” was made for the New Year’s newsletter for the car tire shop Shiny&Diski. Subscribers who matched all of the pairs received a promo code. The result was a click-to-open rate increase of 27% compared to email newsletters on a similar day with products and a discount.

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