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Informa cast deliver crystal clear audio messages to people and also broadcast their responses to the broadcaster. They deliver routine messages with clarity and uncanny precision. They also broadcast live messages to classrooms and entire school premises without an iota of distortion. It also allows classrooms/faculties/administrators to interact with each other by two-way technology

They can signal breaks

With the ringing of choice chimes and alerts that are sweet to hear and disturbance free. The speakers can notify students in cases of emergencies like fire breakout or other natural or manmade calamity with the potential to inflict physical harm

Informa cast speakers are accompanied by digital message company data boards that will flash instruction to students and guide them out of danger by showing directions to the nearest exist point. This is a highly efficient system that can save the day for both parents and school administrators

Following features:

The speaker system can be programmed to store message in advance and broadcast them according to a time table. The system will either work autonomously or with your existing school computer network

Solutions, as they provide needed based bell systems B2C Lead that can be controlled from an office PC or Smartphone. The wireless system use Wi-Fi technology to convey signals hence offer disruption free operation to the school. The master bell system connected to a wi-fi network controls the entire school bells and timely ring them to announce breaks.

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