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Meltwater uses AI to help you make  Learn more sense of data faster. ChatGPT was the most talk about. And the others didn’t even come close. Since January 1st, ChatGPT’s share of voice has consistently eclips all of its competitors, garnering more mentions than all others combin . Bar graphs showing ChatGPT having about 9 million Mentions compar to 457K Mentions of Google’s Bard, 435K Mentions of Microsoft’s Bing, 63K Mentions of Meta’s Llama, and 42.

 Mentions of Anthropic’s Claude

A line graph showing the volume of Mentions over time from January 1 through November 6. The volume of ChatGPT chat shows that there USA Mobile Number Database  is some benefit to being first to market. Bard and Bing Chat are battling it out for second place, but both still have a long way to go to see OpenAI’s chatbot online and offline. At this point, ChatGPT is becoming a generic term for that tool , like Kleenex for facial tissues or Google for web searches.

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data with Meltwater’s tool. ChatGPT mentions increas by almost 1160% compar to the previous period. A line graph showing the  Volume of Mentions of ChatGPT Australia Phone Number over time from January 1 through . October 31, 2023. Between January 1 and October 31, ChatGPT was mentiod nearly 9 million times in . English-language news and social mia sources – nearly 1160% more than 10 months earlier, when it was mention 711,000 times.

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