Is the Minimum Vital Income the social program for Spain

March 25, 2024 0 Comments

Is the Minimum Vital Income the social program for Spain Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google Plus By L .  In Spain, poverty and social exclusion are atypical phenomena in a country with a high level of income, which reflects the inability to generate better conditions and forces us to think about the  to restructure current public policies. Thus, migrating towards a social transformation would lead to achieving real change with equity.  But to do so it is necessary to implement structural measures that articulate the economic policy decisions taken at different levels of government.

The current indicators of risk of poverty

Low participation of wages in the value and gender wage gap reflect the great challenges in terms of social inclusion as a consequence of a series of Cambodia WhatsApp Data  structural problems, deficiencies in the labor market, insufficient collection tax and redistributive capacity, which have been after the pandemic. According to the . This inequality in Spain is  by the low redistributive effect of the State’s public policies to other European countries. Among the international recommendations is that of strengthening Spain’s Income Guarantee System.

In this way, the Minimum Living Income approved

reinforces the different models of minimum income policies that have been implemented with great disparity by the different Autonomous Communities. And, although this measure within the  Income Program  Cambodia WhatsApp Number List seeks to achieve an inclusive society that strengthens social transformation and . Guarantees a regular economic income, this measure in turn increases the disposable income of households, generating an important economic impact.  In addition to the potential impact in. Loyola Andalusia University.  We have measured this impact with the aim of giving an idea of ​​the effect in economic terms that. In the counts within the measurement indicators.

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