Is the AP-7 going to be an example of permanent congestion

March 25, 2024 0 Comments

Is the charging tolls for their users. and they became free which, logically, meant a very considerable increase in the number of vehicles. Regarding these roads, the most important change was represented by the AP-7, given that it is the longest section that was released  and the one that supports the most traffic within the expressway system of Catalonia. since it performs functions not only of connecting various labor markets around the metropolitan areas of Barcelona and Reus. Tarragona, because it is the one that connects Catalonia from north to south and, above all, because it is a traffic passageway.

Tourism to various points in the Spanish state

As was foreseeable, the termination of these concessions was out without resolving what the financing model for expressways in Catalonia would be, so at this time it is unknown if a new toll model will be  for in the future. A calculation that included the increase in the price of fuel  Iraq WhatsApp Data would surely have  the savings. initial. This greater demand for mobility was surely partially  by the context of lower levels of activity existing in times of pandemic, but at the current time when the labor market is recovering rapidly and in which tourism demand is approaching the levels Pre-pandemic. Is generating significant congestion problems.

The data relating to the southern section of the

Which the toll barriers were . But attributing congestion only to weekend users is not, in any case, accurate, since a good part of said saturation is  by the very high presence of trucks, within the framework of the Spanish  Malaysia WhatsApp Number List merchandise transport. Regarding possible solutions, various groups have demanded an urgent.  Expansion of the number of lanes on the   congestion into the future and increase the demand for mobility.

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