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In Europe, some of Russia’s neighbors such as Poland and the Baltics, which fear a Russian comeback, have traditionally taken a hard line on Moscow. But the main states of the European Union, such as Germany, France and Italy, sought normal relations and solv Russia’s security problems through diplomacy. This third way has been defeat. The Russian military invasion on February 24 marks the end of the efforts of Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz. Russia, after consolidat Ukrainian nationalism, will consolidate NATO on its borders.

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Unit States could reploy new military forces in Europe. The countries of the European Union, for fear of Russia, are go to increase their military spend. Although the current conflict could drive up oil and gas prices, European countries. Will look for alternatives to Russian energy. The West is go to Hungary Phone Number List impose harsh economic and financial sanctions on Russia. If Moscow, with its more than 600,000 million reserves, can withstand the financial pressure, let’s be under no illusions about the catastrophic impact of war and sanctions on the world economy.

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But Ukraine and the Ukrainian people will suffer the most. Ukraine is one of the countries in Europe with the most tragic history, which has had to suffer enormously throughout its history. It was born as an  World War, which was follow by the Russian civil war that claim millions of lives. Dur B2C Lead Stalin’s forc collectivization of land in 1932-1933, Ukraine suffer a massive famine ., known as the Holodomor, which caus the death by starvation of between 7 and 10 million people.

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